Latest Features

External SKP file for Projector body

It is now possible to load an external SKP file for the projector body, giving a much better look for the end result.

Import and Export to CSV

A very convenient way to backup-restore your projection studies! The format is now more human readable and contains more info. Note that each projector exported is uniquely identified, allowing you to overwrite its properties when importing it again.

Adjustable Level of Detail for Projection Grids

It is now possible to choose between different number of subdivisions, to allow fast iteration for prototyping, and great details when publishing. It is accessible from the new Simproj preferences window.

Better Grid Contours

Grid contours on partially covered objects are now better defined, like illustrated in the pictures below:



Transparent Objects

It is possible to force the projections to go through specific objects, to simulate glass or transparent materials. Note that projections now take the projectors bodies into account !

Export to Disguise Media Server

As requested by some users, you can now export your Simproj studies to a csv format ready to be imported in the Disguise Media Server.

To export, just go to the Plugin -> SimProj -> Export to disguise CSV menu. This includes the following:

  • Placement and orientation of projectors
  • Optical properties (throw ratio, lens shift, brightness)

Please refer to this page for more details on the import process in Disguise.

Custom Resolutions Support

You can now specify any resolution you want for your projectors, including any aspect ratio, removing the need to respect standard ratios, as they are constantly evolving…

Ruby Scripting

If you are a developer and want to automate Simproj tasks, you can now control simProj interactively using ruby scripts ! More information in the user manual.

Relative Positions and Roll

From 1.11, positions and roll are now relative to the current drawing axes, allowing you to easily work in dome environment where they are slightly inclined, levering the power of Sketchup drawing axes snapping tools.

Inspector Position Multi-Edit Support

You can now change the positions of multi projectors at once in the inspector, which will only show common values among the active selection.

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